[from Cubbon - Bibliography, Vol 1, 1933]


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The declaration made by new members as to 'drawing from the chest' is illuminating.

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This is the first report. The Society, which had for its president Archdeacon Moore, commenced well, but soon disappeared. There were two classes of members : First and Second, paying different subs. and getting different benefits. This appears to have been the chief reason for its failure.

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Tynwald, 1869. pp. 13. [6317, B 921 Ramsey Harbour: Mein. of Estimates for Low Watei

Landing Pier and Viaduct Approach to same. Letter f rom Mr. Coode, C.E., 4th February, 1870. pp. 11. [6319, B 92]

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There is no record of a second being issued.

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This was the nineteenth and final report.

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It has the words of a song, 'Up with the Mheallea,' printed for the first time.

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The author was a schoolmaster in the town.

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Also for 1898.

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The Ramsey Town Commission was instituted in 1865.

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Also for 1911, 1922.

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Deals with Ballure and St. Paul's churches. List of the Clergy : several illustrations.

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Ramsey Swing Bridge as it will appear when completed. N.D. [4417, L 6, F. fol. p. 69]

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