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Re: MI Corteen / Kneale Marriage
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Maughold Old Yard
H 4
In loving memory of ROBERT CORTEEN of Thalloo Queen who died November 4th 1895 aged 66 yrs
Thy will be done
RUTH youngest daughter of the above who died Feb 5th 1895 aged 2 yrs and 3 months
Sweet be thy sleep in the land of the grave
My dear little angel for ever
Also MARY CORTEEN widow of the above ROBERT CORTEEN who died Oct 15th 1929 aged 88 years
There is no night there

H 5
This stone is erected by ROBERT CORTEEN of Thallon Queen in this parish in memory of his beloved wife ELLEN CORTEEN alias KERMODE who departed this life the 27th of February 1867 aged 28 years
For ever with the Lord

Here lieth the remains of THO CORTEEN of Balla Sholague buried the 15th May 1970 aged 84 years
ANNE his wife was buried the 20th March 1779 aged 73 years
(both the MI and burial register have 1970 but obviously it is a number reversal. Lawson's index has burial CORTEEN, Thomas Mau 15 May 1790 )

H 7
In loving memory of ROBERT CORTEEN of Ballasholague in this parish who died Feb 6th 1895 aged 89 years
MARGARET wife of the above died Nov 15th 1878 aged 72 years
JAMES youngest son of the above died April 18th 1865 aged 19 years
WILLIAM ROBERT second son died Jan 25th 1876 aged 31 years
THOMAS KNEALE eldest son died May 9th 1881 aged 40 years
JOSEPH died in infancy

H 7A
Here the remains of ROBT CORTEEN of Ballasholague who departed this life Novr 3rd 1803 aged 69 years

H 7B
This stone is erected by JAMES CORTEEN in memory of his brother JOHN CORTEEN of Ballashoglague who departed this life the 12th day of February 1843 aged 29 years