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Re: Tate and Quirke.
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Hi Lorraine,

It is very interesting to see that you have this connection, but it would have been better put as a "tail-on" to the other thread, so that it isn't missed by B. Carter who started the discussion. I was just trying to help him/her out, and have no personal interest in the family. If I am correct with my theories (following on from Maureen's suggestion), B. Carter would be connected to you by marriage, through Annie Quirk's marriage to the brother of your ancestor. It would be of great interest for her to know what happened to Annie (Quirk) Tate and her family after coming to Australia - so it is fantastic that you have the information.

Do you know whether her family knew that she had left a child behind in the IOM? (Assuming that my theories were correct.)
Do you know when she died?

Very many thanks for the information.