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Re: Tate and Quirke.
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Hello Lorainne:

Many thanks for the posting. I found it this morning and was thrilled to hear the information. I was most overwhelmed when I heard Adelaide, Australia mentioned. It rang a bell with me that my Mom had heard that is where the Tate Family had gone. I had not been certain so I did not include the word Adelaide in my posting information.

I had awaited a posting response from davidr. before I responded to your posting. I am pleased to inform that davidr. found the baptism in Rushen of Annie Isabella ...illegitimate child of Annie Quirk.

The information that Sue had sent in her posting to me was exceptional as well. It all seems to fit together.

I would appreciate it if you would contact me privately so that we can compare information.

My e-mail is carter7773@rogers.com

Look forward to hearing from you.