Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Look Up Parish Register or wills

I managed to get a lot of research done when I was on ths Island for a month in September, but as always new leads crop up, and there are plenty to follow up. I do not like asking for Look-Ups if I can avoid it, as I can get to the island from time to time, but with the two little ones, it will not be for some months, and I am stuck with a couple of problems.

Apart from unearthing the Casement connection, I found that the Casements are closely connected with Arch Deacon Sam Wattleworth who was buried in the old cathedral in Peel Castle in 1718.

Sam and his wife had several daughters, and the transcript of his will on Manx Notebook says that in his will, he leaves "To my daughter Esther Thomason als Watleworth of Magheragall in the County of Antrim .. 10".

A W Moore gives the girl's name as Esther, but members of the Casement family think she may have been ELLINOR, on account of a transcription they have.

Can anyone look up either the WILL itself Archdiaconal Will 1718/19 No 24 Andreas, Sam Wattleworth, made 24 Nov 1718, or if there is an entry in the parish register for this girl's birth. A date of around 1679 is believed but there may be no parish entry and all I can find is an IGI ref which suggests Andreas. I strongly doubt Andreas, as Sam W was in German/Patrick from 1676 to 1703, and I think the IGI is an assumed entry based on the "facts" that she had married by 1700, so was born before 1680, and her father was Vicar of Andreas... BUT NOT WHEN SHE MUST HAVE BEEN BORN. He had been at Michael but in 1676 moved to German/Patrick staying there until 1703, so if she is in the registers that is where she will be.

Any data on this Manx girl who went to Co Antrim would be welcome.

Whilst on Wattleworth girls, Esther's daughter Mary Thomasson married William Casement in 1719 a few months after his previous wife died, a girl called Jane Knipe. So what ? Well, Jane was a widow and guess what her maiden name was, Jane Wattleworth !

Jane COULD, repeat COULD be a daughter of Archdeacon Sam W, in which case she was the aunt to wife No 2, but I think it is possible that she was another Wattleworth family. She was a Malew girl and there was a Malew family which were separate from the Archdeacon's family. Can anyone give any firm ancestry to Jane Wattleworth/Knipe/Casement, who married John Knipe at Malew 4-Nov 1702; married Wm Casement at Malew on 30 Nov 1708 and was buried at Lezayre 9 Nov 1718 (very much a November girl !) With her first marriage in 1702, she was presumably born 1682 or earlier

I have seen A W Moore's account of the family which links Sam to the William W who was in Malew, but I think this is wrong. In his will the archdeacon asks to be buried in thesame grave as his parents in St German's cathedral, so there should be burial records. Sam is recordes as buried at German in 1718 as is his wife in 1721. There should also be a trace of his parents at German, but there is a William bd in Malew but NOT German. However the otehr possible parents for Sam W are John Wattleworth and Barbar(y) Caesar, and their names DO occur as buried in German, so my guess is that they are the correct parents.

Anastasia who will be 2 shortly, loved her visit to the Island and is a definite Seagull fan, and is a bit miffed that we do not have any here in Rugby. She also likes trams !

Robert H.