Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: Catherine Christian Kewley.

Thank you so much for all this information. It will take a little time to digest.

I am pretty sure this is the Elizabeth Kewley I am looking for but as yet do not have the evidence.

There are several things that I remain confused about.

Elizabeth I am sure was born in May ? 1841, not in 1840.

1841 census (June), she is just one moth old.
1871 census, she is living in Birkenhead aged 29.
1881 census, she is know as (Jane)? living in same house with same family in Birkenhead aged 39.
Elizabeth died October 1882.

Her age remains consistent throughout which makes me think she was born 1941.

I have Thomas Kewley together in 1841 and 1881!

1841 census, Thomas is with wife Ann and children, Elizabeth one month old. Thomas is 50 and Ann 25.

1881 I have a Thomas 89 (shoemaker) and Ann 65 together in the Isle of Man. Also Thomas appears to be still living in 1868 when Elizabeth married John Pickering.

Please can you let me know if you have evidence that your Thomas Kewley died before Ann Corris married James Kewley. I would need to be able to eliminate Thomas and Ann together in 1881. Although with this quite unusual age gap consistent in both census reports I find it hard to beleive that they are not the same couple?

I do have a report I can send to you with Elizabeth descendants listed. How can I sent this to you? Can I attach documents to this message board.

I have more information than I have added to the report, but until I can verify that I have the correct Elizabeth I will not add it.

If I am unable to send a document I will try to cut and paste to the message board.

Once again thank you for the information you have sent to me.