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Gelling Braddan MI look up, please

In the 1833 will of John Gelling ( b1744 ) of Ballacottier, Braddan (husband of Isabella Craine ) , he leaves one pound to his grandson, William Gelling.

I'm wondering if this is William (bap 25 march 1789 Braddan) to John Gelling and Isabella Oates who married 24 Aug 1817 Braddan. They also had a son Edward bap 24 May 1818.

Donna, I'd be very grateful if you'd look for MIs for these burials:

GELLING, Edward 5y 6m Bra 6 Dec 1823

GELLING, John 37 Bra 30 May 1825
GELLING, John 36 Bra 8 Sep 1825

GELLING, Isabella 24 Bra 25 Mar 1820 OATES

Fingers crossed.

Jean C