Manx Genealogy Archive 2

Re: Correction on children John Gelling & Eliz Oat

Only because there actually IS an 1854 John Gellng will must I make mention of the fact that the Will I transcribed was the one listed as follows in Brian's index:
GELLING, Elizabeth 1855 Bra A 19 0106257
GELLING, John 1855 Bra A 19 0106257

The listing is soon to be changed to the correct one whch is A 10 and not 19. I too, invariably hit the nine when I want a zero.

Anyway. The transcribed will with all its juicy tidbits should be coming soon to a theater near you so to speak, as I have sent it out to Ian Radcliffe for eventual inclusion on the IOMFHS/ Brian Lawson's wills index site.