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You kindly offered to do a look up re full details on marriages, and asked me for a reminder.

1. William Corrin to Esther Costean/Costain - Arbory 20/04/1811.

2. Their son (hopefully) Thomas Corrin to Elinor White - Kirk Rushen 03/11/1849.

I am so grateful to you for this offer - I have emailed a paid researcher for help, but haven't had a reply.

I have done as much searching as I can from over here.

I am now not 100% certain that the Thomas I have been researching is the one who married Elinor White.
On another topic I gave details of Esther's will - no mention of Thomas, who should have still been alive when her will was written and probated.
Rushen 1861 - A40 0106263.
She bore nine children - I have found burials for three of them, and a possible for another
one, leaving five children - she only mentions four children!

I would be most grateful for the details on the marriages, and thank you for your very generous offer.