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On this board under the heading "Episcopal Will" I gave a little of the detail, it went on to name his children William,Thomas,John,Ann,Jane and Esther Corrin - co-administrators. His widow Esther is sworn to administer the debts etc. She gave Pledges in form of Law namely William Gill and William Clague, both of Rushen.
Attached to this document was a sheet ,details as follows:
18th Sept. Richard Cannel claims ....? 3.0.0.
22nd Sept. Richard Cubbon claims 0.6.10.
6th Nov. Joseph Raisback claims 1.8.2.
6th Dec.John Qualtrough claims 0.17.0.

The Thomas mentioned was my gt.gt.grandfather. So this is the will I had hoped it would be.
Would the marriage on the parish register give any info other than their names?