Manx Genealogy Archive 1

Richard Quirk

Trying to find where this family around the 1900's I have this information from the 1881 census.

Richard Quirk, christened German 19 March 1843
Jane Cleator, born Andreas 1847 (died approx 1893 of cancer)
(Richard Quirk, of 1843 remarried 2nd wife Isabel/ Alice)
Richard Jas, christened 12 June 1870 Ramsey
*Emily Jane, born 1881 Ramsey (married Edward Jonathan Quine)
Charles Cleator Quirk, born 1888

In the 1881 census Richard is working as a labourer In a Corn Warehouse, the family are living at 15 Parliament St, Ramsey, in Maughold. Also lodging at the house is William Kissack a 79 year old retired blacksmith from Andreas, and the parents of Jane Cleator.

Jane died of cancer around 1893 possibly October and Richard remarried.

It is thought hat Richard later operated or managed a seed merchants business at Ramsey. Old family members think he lost the lot gambling.