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Re: Richard Quirk
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1891, Ramsey, district 5, schedule 23, 1 Church Street
Jane, Quirk, wife, married, 45, Ramsey
Emily Jane, daughter, 10, scholar, Ramsey
Charles Cleator, son, 2, Ramsey

1891, Douglas, district 1, schedule 78, 13 South Quay
Richard Quirk, boarder, married, 47, seed merchant's carter, Ramsey
Richard, boarder, single, 20, seed merchant's clerk, Ramsey

1901, Douglas, district 21, schedule 234, 21 Berkley Street
Richard J Quirk, head, married, 30, wine merchant's clerk, Ramsey
Eleanor E, wife, married, Douglas
Eleanor W, daughter, single, 5, Douglas
William J, son, single, 1, Douglas
Emily J, sister, single, 20, provision merchant's cashier, Ramsey

Charles C Quirk, 13, boarding with Mary Coole at Sulby Bridge.

1901, Ballaugh, district 3, schedule 40, Dollag
on the farm of Thomas Kneen
Richard Quirk, servant, widower, 57, horseman on farm, German

This is the only Richard of appropriate age in 1901. The birthplace seems wrong, but as I'm away from home I can't check the original. There does not appear to any other Richard in previous censuses.