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Stephen, this is the same as what I sent you in a Word doc earlier. Posting here for the benefit of anyone researching the same lines. -- Greg

Henry Kaighin christened 5 July 1767, Kirk German, son of David Kaighin and Elizabeth

Lace. Buried 4 October 1849, Kirk German. Married Margaret Creer 5

September 1808, St. Nicholas, Liverpool. Margaret was buried 25 Nov 1832

in Kirk German. They had the following children:

1. Elizabeth, christened 10 Dec 1809, K. Braddan

2. Jane, christened 4 May 1811, K. Braddan

3. Mary Ann, christened 20 Jun 1813, K. Braddan, buried 17 Nov 1866, K. German.

Married Thomas Gorry 20 Jun 1835, K. German

5. Margaret, christened 29 Aug 1819, K. German

6. Henry, christened 10 Feb 1822, K. German

4. John christened 17 Jan 1816, Kirk Braddan. m. 26 Aug 1839 Braddan, Mary Nichol

b. c1817 Scotland. John died after the 1891 census.

Marriage record spelling: Caghan and Nichol. Marriage

record shows Mary born in Scotland. From Mona Christian:

“I am not exactly sure of John Kaighin’s parentage - it

could be Henry Kaighin and Margaret Creer” Mary was

buried 10 February 1881 in Kirk German.

1. John Jonah Alexander christened 6 February 1841 (Also christened on

the 19th - may have been difficult birth) Kirk

German, Peel m. 10 Jan 1863 Braddan, Catherine

Esther Cannel b. christened 8 Dec 1844 Kirk

Marown, John died 22 Sep 1896.

1. Agnes Anne chrs. 19 Feb 1865 Kirk Braddan. Married William

Killen. May have emigrated to Canada.

2. Eleanor Jane chrs. 14 Jun 1867 Kirk Braddan. Last recorded in

the 1871 census.

3. Mary chrs. 8 Oct 1869 Kirk German, Peel m. Mr. Starkey

4. Catherine Margaret “Kate” chrs. 4 Aug 1871 Kirk Braddan d. 18

Nov 1952 Douglas. m. 10 Jul 1889

Braddan, William Edward Kewley b. ? d.16

Oct 1929 Douglas. GG Grandmother of Mona

Christian (see notes below)

1. John b. c1891 Douglas. Disappeared from the IOM & is

thought to have emigrated to


2. Katherine Mona b. 27 Mar 1893 Douglas m. 1 Jun 1914,

d. 22 Mar 1967 Douglas

3. Charles b. 1896 Douglas

5. Alexander Nichol chrs. 4 Jul 1873 Kirk Braddan. Died after the

1881 census, but cannot be found in any other

records. His uncle Henry named a child born in

1897 Alexander Nichol Kaighin (maybe in memory of


6. Mary Anne chrs. 23 Jul 1875 Kirk German, buried 27 Jul 1875

Kirk German

7. Georgina. Born 15 Apr 1877 Kirk German, buried 23 May 1878

Kirk German

8. Frances Ann “Annie” b. c1879 4 May 1879 Ramsey. Christened 7

Nov 1880, Ramsey. Married Charles William

Kneale, 10 Oct. 1908 at Ramsey St. Paul’s.

9. Lydia Maud b. Born 11 June 1881, Ramsey, buried 20 Sep 1950,

Douglas, Braddan Cemetery, spoke Manx. m. William

Henry Moore 30 Jan 1910, Douglas, St. George.

1. Alexander

2. Frankie

3. Orry

4. Charlie

5. Peggy (Lydia Margaret)

6. Anne Gladys b. 23 October 1923 m. 6 Oct 1945

Bedlington, Northumberland William James

Hindhaugh b. 7 October 1923

7.Irene Esther

8. Mona

9. Joan

10. John Thomas Alexander b. 8 June 1883, Ramsey, Kirk Christ

Lezayre. Buried 9 July 1962, Douglas, Braddan

Cemetery. Married (1) Catherine Cannel, and (2)

Margaret A. Simmons. By Margaret he had a

daughter Gladys born in the September quarter of

1916 Birkenhead. He had three other children,

but which marriage they came from is unclear.

Their names were John, Alec and Mamie, birthdates


11. Esther Idalia b. 2 Aug 1885, Ramsey. Two husbands, ? Graham

and H. Moyle.

12. Francis Susannah chrs. c1887 born 5 Dec 1887, Douglas.

Buried 26 Aug 1888, Kirk Braddan. 8mos old.

Birth index shows parents as Alexander Kaighen

and Catherine Cannon (see


3. Thomas Harrison christened 17 Mar 1843 Peel, Kirk German, I.O.M. Died

after the 1861 census (cannot be found in IOM after this)

4. Agnes christened 23 Jan 1846 Kirk German, Peel. Married Richard

Duggan 20 Aug 1865, Kirk Braddan. Had 10 children, Mary

Jane, Thomas Richard, Rebecca Jane, Margaret Jane, John

Henry, Mary Agnes, Mary Ann, Catherine Eva Bertha,

William, Mona Jane. Agnes was buried 26 Jan 1910 in Kirk


5. Jane Elizabeth christened 5 Jul 1850 Kirk German, Peel. Occupation

(1871) Net Weaver m. 12 May 1872 Kirk German,

George Clague b. c1850 Peel. Illegitimate son William

Clague residing with mother Jane and grandparents John

and Mary Kaighin at Backgreen No. 5, Peel in 1871 IOM


1. William b. c1870 Peel

2. Mary b. c1875 Peel

3. George b. c1881 Peel

4. Alice b. c1884 Douglas

5. John b. c1886 Douglas

6. Bertha b. c1890 Douglas

7. Margaret b. c1893 Douglas

6. Margaret b. c1853 Peel Occupation (1871) Net Weaver. Married John

Gorry 1 Sep 1872, Kirk Braddan

7. Mary Elizabeth christened 14 Jul 1854 Kirk German, Peel. Occupation:

Domestic Servant, General (1871) m. William Quirk b.

c1850. Married 18 Mar 1876, Kirk Braddan

1. William b. c1878 Peel

2. Brighton b. c1880 Peel

3. Catherine b. c1881 Peel

8. Henry christened 13 Feb 1857 Kirk German, Peel m. 22 Jun 1878 Kirk

German, Margaret “Maggie” Christian b. C1856, daughter of

Charles Christian. Henry died in the June quarter

of 1933 in Whitehaven, Cumbria. Member of Peel Lifeboat.

From Mona Christian: "he was a lifeboatman and one of

those who were involved in the rescue of those on the

George - all the crew members were awarded a Bible

and a medal by the governor."

1. Christian Florence christened 3 Jan 1879, Kirk German, born 23

Dec 1878. Married in the December quarter

of 1899 in Whitehaven, Cumbria to either James

Wignall or James Hemsall

2. Henry Charles, christened 20 Sep 1880, Kirk German. Buried 27

Sep 1880, Kirk German (infant).

3. Miriam Amelia b. c1882 Peel, died after 1905, may have moved

to South Africa. Married John Jackson or Alfred

Litt in the December quarter of 1905 in Whitehaven

(10b, 1132).

4. Henry c1884 (eight years old at death in 1892). Buried 31

July 1892, Kirk German.

5. Herbert John b. c1888. Emigrated to Canada, yet was buried

in Kirk Braddan 8 Dec 1959. Married Ethel Till

in Burnaby, BC, Canada on 26 Jun 1909. Ethel

died 23 April 1979 in North Vancouver, BC age 96.

6. Gordon c. Jul 1890 Peel. Gordon cannot be found in any

records after the 1891 census.

7. Alexander Nichol Sr. born in the September quarter of 1897 in

Whitehaven, Cumbria. The family moved to

Whitehaven sometime between Gordon’s birth in

1890 and Alexander’s birth. Married Sarah I.

Storey in the March quarter of 1920 in

Whitehaven. Died in the September quarter of

1962 in Whitehaven. Sarah's death recorded in

the June quarter of 1946 in Whitehaven.
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