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The 1851 gives Mary Nichol as born in scotland - presumeably married there as I can't find a marriage on the Island.

In 1841 they are residing with John Caine a tailor in Kk Micheal st - I think the entry shows him as apprentice (I have a ? against the reading). Judging from age in 1851 census etc I think he is the son of Henry Kaighin + Margaret Creer - they had their first 3 children in Braddan then the next two in German - Henry is found in the 1841 Peel census also a tailor living with a married daughter Jane McDonald (husb John is a fisherman) - Henry is buried German 4 Oct 1849 age 80 - this makes him most likely the son of David Kaighen + Elizabeth Lace - David was buried German 11 Jun 1795 and left a will which might confirm this (its on my list to be checked but not their yet) - David was possibly son of John bapt Ger 1725-01-24