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Re: Census: Two places at once?

I have just been involved in the mini-census, and was surprised at the rules, and it assuming that the rules were the same on the old censuses as now, then it would be possible. I had always believed that a census showed where people were on census night, but that it not the case. It shows where they are ordinarily resident. For instance, today, if a child who normally lives in the household is away at University, then that child is regarded as living in the household, and is listed, but probably marked as absent, but someone who is in hospital is enumerated at the hospital, not at the home where he is ordinarily resident. But anyone unfamiliar with forms, for whatever reason, and particularly iback with the census' with which we as genealogists are interested, could end up being enumerated twice I feel certain.

I now have some respect for the enumerators of that time, because, boy oh boy, it takes some time, and in those days I imgaine an enumerator would have to help a lot of people fill in the forms.