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Census: Two places at once?

I am aware of two Thomas (Richard) Cavendishes who would be 35 at the 1881 census - one baptised in Jurby 21 Sep 1845, and the other bp. in Kirk Michael 26 Apr 1846, neither of whom appear in the IGI.

Is it at all possible to appear twice in the census in completely different places?

The unmarried Jurby-born Thomas appears on his father's farm in Ballaugh (Ballatesson, Ballaugh, RG11/5598 f89 p2),
but the married Kirk Michael Thomas, a labourer, seems to be both with his wife and children (including my grandfather) in Douglas (3 Drinkwater Street, Douglas, RG11/5602 f.93 p.16 sch.86)
and in Barrow-in-Furness, married, cab driver, a boarder with the Magee family (69 Greengate St, Barrow-in-Furness, RG11/4285 f.95 p.17 sch 93).

Jurby Thomas is consistently on the family farm first in Jurby (61 & 71) and then in Ballaugh from 71 - 01.

Kirk Michael Thomas seems to be in German in '61, then Douglas from the '71 census onwards.

Any suggestions, other than that I missed yet another Thomas in the Kirk Michael registers?