Manx Genealogy

Re: Robert Charnley death IOM late 1800 early 1900

There are burials for Emma Charnley 20 Feb 1907 age 34 and a Richard 11 Nov 1903 age 27 both at Douglas Borough Cemetery - but no Robert - were these children by one of the wives?
A Robert Charnley was noted as running Shaftesbury House Empress Terrace in 1894, in 1898 accommodation list it was run by Mrs Charnley (it had 26 bedrooms + 3 sitting rooms), in 1904 this boarding house (5/6d per day) was noted as Charnleys
- in 1887 at Broadway Terrace Broadway a Charnley is running a Shaftesbury House so suspect moved to the Prom taking the name of the boarding house with them.

In the index to 1901 census there is a Charnley family headed by Robert age 72 + Margaret Jane age 65 - others were Emma age 23 + Richard B age 24 + a 1yr old Mary H Charnley