Manx Genealogy

Re: Robert Charnley death IOM late 1800 early 1900

Mike, have a look at the Manx imuseum website --- there’s a lovely photo of a Mrs Charnley with 2 children --- taken in the early years of last century. It’s not a common surname on the IOM, and the ages of the children don’t bear any similarity to the Charnleys in the 1911 Douglas census, so could it be some of their visiting relatives eg your Newcastle Charnley family ?

Link (close the gap between ht and tps):

ht tps://www.imuseum.im/search/archive_record/view?id=mnh-museum-493890&type=archive&tab=archive&from=0&term=charnley&size=80&sort=&filter=&view=&images=&ttmgp=0&rfname=&rlname=&machine=&race=&raceyear=&linked=0&collection=Photographic+Archive&title=&creator=&idno=&aids=&dfrom=&dto=&century=&period=&name=&language=&display=&pos=0

Jean C