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Terrence, if you’re still not convinced that Sarah Teare b 1846 was the daughter of William Teare and Jane Looney, here’s an extra piece of evidence:

One of the witnesses at Sarah’s 1867 marriage to Thomas Callow was James Clarke. This same James Clarke (a farm servant) had married Catherine Radcliffe in 1856 (identical signatures). Then in 1861, this James Clarke was a 25 yr old ag lab b Bride with his wife and children in Lezayre.

James Clarke is a fairly unusual name on the IOM. There were only 2 of the right age in 1841 and just one in 1851 (using Brian Lawson’s census indexes).

So this is the same James Clarke who was the 4 yr old in the 1841 Andreas household of William Teare b 1828 and Elizabeth Teare nee Corlett b circa 1801 (soon to become the wife of James Kelly). And he was the 15 yr old son in the 1851 Bride household of James and Elizabeth Kelly and 4 yr old Sarah Teare.

It seems likely that James Clarke was an illegitimate son of Elizabeth Kelly alias Teare nee Corlett --- thus a half-brother of William Teare.