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Marriage of the James and Elizabeth who were the Kelly grandparents of the Sarah Teare in 1861, and who had a Sarah Teare, visitor, in 1851:

Name James Kelly
Event Type Marriage
Event Date 04 Jun 1842
Event Place Andreas, Isle of Man
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Spouse's Name Elizabeth Teare
Spouse's Gender Female
Spouse's Marital Status Widowed


The censuses for the Sarah Teare who was with her Kelly grandparents in 1851 and 1861:

Name Age
James Kelly 45
Elizabeth Kelly 48
James Clarke 15
Sarah Teare 4

JK Doug farm lab
EK Bride
JC son b Bride
ST visitor b Bride

Ballacorey, Andreas

Name Age
James Kelly 61
Elizabeth Kelly 60
Sarah Teare 14

JK Douglas ag lab
EK Bride
ST daughter Andreas

Then, backtracking to 1841, there’s a Ballacorey Andreas household which includes Elizabeth Teare (who later married James Kelly in 1842) and the James Clarke who was with James and Elizabeth Kelly in 1851, and there’s also a Wm Teare who was probably the one who fathered Sarah Teare in 1846 and went on to marry Sarah’s mother, Jane Looney, in 1849:

Balla Coarey, Andreas

Ancestry’s mis-transcription (Seare should be TEARE)

Name Age
Elizabeth Seace 35
William Seace 12
Jane Corlett 25
Ann Corlett 6
Cesar Cowle 14
Thos Cowle 1
James Clarke 4

In 1851, William Teare b 1828 (father of Sarah b 1846) who had married Jane Looney in Bride in 1849, is probably this one in 1851 Ballaugh, working away from home:

Ballacooiley, Ballaugh

Ancestry’s transcription:

Name Age
Thomas Mylea 43
Ann Mylea 29
Eliza Mylea 9
Margaret Mylea 7
Mary Ann Mylea 5
Ellenor Jane Mylea 3
William Teare 23
William Cowle 29
John Cowle 20
John Corlett 16
Robert Christian 16
Margaret Caley 20

WT 23 married farm servant b Bride

while wife Jane b 1821 was with her children in Andreas:
Ballacowrey ? Andreas

Ancestry’s transcription (should be Teare):

Name Age
Jane Seare 30
Sarah Seare 5
Elizabeth Seare 2
Christian Kennaugh 8
Thos Cowle 11

JT 30 farm labourer’s wife b Maughold
ST 5 dau b Bride
ET 2 dau b Bride
CK 8 illegitimate dau b Bride
TC 11 lodger b Andreas

The 11 yr old Thos Cowle is probably the one who was in the same 1841 household as William Teare (with Elizabeth Teare who became Elizabeth Kelly in 1842) in 1841 at Ballacourey, Andreas.


Clear as mud so far ?


If you put the 3 relevant 1851 households together, you have

a) Ballaugh -- William Teare b 1828 working away from home.

b) Andreas, Ballacowrey -- William’s wife Jane nee Looney b 1821 with 2 of William’s children (Sarah 5 and Elizabeth 2 ) and Jane’s daughter Christian b 1842, plus a Thos Cowle who was somehow related (nephew ?) to Elizabeth Kelly alias Teare nee xxxxx (maybe Corlett )

c) Bride -- William’s mother and stepfather, Elizabeth and James Kelly, with James Clarke (who was with Elizabeth at Ballacourey in 1841) and with visitor 4 yr old Sarah Teare who, 10 years later, was described as their granddaughter.

If all the above isn’t just coincidence, I think that this is a rare example of a person being listed in 2 separate households in the same census. My guess is that Sarah normally lived with her mother and siblings, and so was included in their census return ---- but that on census night, she happened to be staying with her Kelly grandmother in Bride and was listed there, too.

As for the 1845 Ramsey baptism of a Sarah Teare to a mother Jane Teare (so probably illegitimate since no father’s name given) --- my guess is that this was a different child who probably became known by her father’s surname. Perhaps someone could look at Ramsey / Maughold presentments for 1845/46, and also Bride and Andreas presentments for 1845-1847.