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Trip to IoM

Hello everyone

I recall seeing a thread about someone posting about visiting IoM before, however - I sadly can't locate this and the search facility comes up with an error....(I may be doing something wrong!!)

My husband kindly organised for us to come over to IoM for my Christmas present, so we are coming over bank holiday weekend.

We arrive late on the Friday, but thankfully, I understand the iMuseum is open on the Saturday.

I feel a little like a rabbit in headlights!!! I've been ordering Birth/Marriage and Death certificates recently (need to order some more today)

We are staying in Douglas (Loch Promenade) and my husband is off playing golf on the Saturday so he can leave me to my own devices. We have hired a car to allow us to get around the island a bit more freely.

Wills are potentially an area I would like to look in to - not sure if any of them exist.

Any recommendations of where to visit on the Saturday?

I feel a tad disorganised, but perhaps this is also me being relatively new still to doing genealogy!!!

On the days places are probably closed, I will probably be out with my camera as I'm a photographer by trade, so I'm keen to document where they lived but also take some night time images around the coast.

Thank you as always,

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