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Mary Ann Gale, Born 1802, Malew


I need to try and sort out information for my 3x great grandmother. I will outline what I believe to be known. The confusion arises with her surname being recorded as both Gell and Gale in different places.

The Parish register shows “Margt Ann GELL” was christened at Malew on 3 October, 1802. Her father is Thomas Gell and her mother is Margaret Quayle. They were married at Malew on 1 June, 1793. When you look at the Parish Register the entry immediately above Mary Ann is for a “Margt., D. of Charles McCravey(?) and Marg (or Mary) Corrin" on Sept. 26th. Therefore, as Mary Ann has a sister Margaret (1797) I suspect this 3rd October entry should read as Mary Ann GELL. This fits in with her death date age in 1867 (63 or 65 years) and with her being a minor when she married Wm. Johnson.

Other children to Thomas and Margaret are: Elizabeth (12 May 1805), John (4 May 1800) and their first child is Margaret Gell (6 August 1797). All at Malew.

I believe Mary Ann’s mother, Margaret GALE, died in Castletown and was buried at Malew on 8 November, 1818. I also think her father, Thomas GALE, died at Heywood Place, Douglas and was buried at Malew on 17 February, 1841. The newspaper notice records him as a butcher. Around this time and by 1841 census there appear to be quite a few Thomas Gells and Gales who are butchers in Castletown. It is unknown if any are connected with this line.

There does not appear to be a Memorial Inscription for Margaret. I cannot confirm if there was one for Thomas (1841).

Mary Ann GALE married William Johnson (private bapt. 8 March 1800, received on 6 June, 1802, both at St. George’s, Douglas). William died in Douglas on 13 September 1826 and was buried at Braddan on 15 September. William and Mary Ann were married on 19 July 1821 at Malew. The Parish Register records “Wm. Johnson of Braddan Bachelor and Mary Ann GALE of this parish a minor with consent of parents were married in this church by licence this 19th day of July 1821 by me." (Vicar's name W. Christian). Witnesses are Thomas Quayle and Sarah Gill(?). Her name is signed as Mary Ann Johnson late GALE with a mark, (X). Therefore the question arises, was her mother still alive (Margaret), do I have the wrong death date for her? I don’t see a second marriage for Thomas Gale/Gell if Margaret died in 1818. I also need to confirm that it was her father, Thomas, who died in 1841 in Douglas. I haven’t found any Wills so far for either Thomas or Margaret. Mary Ann and William Johnson have two children, William Quayle Johnson (12 March 1826 – 28 March 1866) and John Johnson (baptised 1822 or 1823, died in Castletown 11 May 1845, buried at Malew). Cannot find his baptism.

Mary Ann Johnson married Murdoch McLeod, a military pensioner who had been stationed in Castletown. They were married on 24 November 1829 at Malew. Murdoch born around 1787 in Inverness area of Scotland, died in Castletown 25 December 1844, buried at Malew. There is a previous discussion on this board for this Murdoch McLeod. There are several children but most died young with the exception of Mary McLeod whose line continues on. I have the MI for Murdoch McLeod, Mary Ann, and various children, from Malew Old Church Yard. It does not include Mary Ann’s maiden name.

Mary McLeod married Richard Cooile, stone mason, of Castletown, on 10 September 1845 at Malew. This marriage produces one child, Thomas John Coole, my direct ancestor.

I really want to see if someone can help me confirm that I have the correct parents for Mary Ann. Her baptism is GELL, her first marriage is as GALE. It is rather confusing to say the least.

As far as I can tell Mary Ann’s father is Thomas Gell, bapt. at Malew 12 August 1770. Her mother Margaret Quayle was baptised 1 December 1771 at Malew. Trying to follow the line back but need to sort this all out first.

Any help to confirm her parents would be much appreciated. Thank you in hopeful anticipation.

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