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Re: Mary Ann Gale, Born 1802, Malew

Hello again,

I think I should just say that one of my main concerns is with the notation in the Parish Register when Mary Ann first married to William Johnson. The reference regarding her "parents consent". As far as I know her mother had died a few years before this marriage. Yes, it could simply be in the way it's written down.

The other concern is with her own family's name being recorded as Gell, Gale and perhaps even Gill (as in Sarah as a witness) in the Parish Register at her marriage. Maybe I'm over-analysing, but I want to be as sure as is reasonably possible.

Can you advise if there are other records I could check which might help prove her parents and their death dates? I'm not sure what else might be available. I think I hoped that Thomas Gale, being a butcher, might have left a Will but I haven't been able to track one down. That being said I don't see one for Mary Ann (as Coole) when she died in 1867.

Any comments would be most welcome. Thanks again!


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