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I'm sorry but I don't have any more info. Here is exacly what I have.

William Gale was born between 1808 and 1810. On the 1850 census he was listed with at least four other people. two were boys and two were women. All of them had the same last name. The first woman mentioned was lyndy gale. Her relationship to him is unknown. She was born in Georgia however. Her age at the time of the census was 27 or 28. The next one is John Gale He was also born in georgia and he was 3 at the time of the census. the next was Joseph and he was 2 at the time. the last one was also a woman but unfortunatly I cannot remember her name. She was however approx 21 or 22 at the time.
All I know about them is that they were all born in georgia. The next census that I found mentioned that william had a wife. Her name was cinderella mccatherine. She was born in georgia and was approx 24 years younger than william. John and joseph were mentioned on this one but the other two are not. They was also a little girl on this one her name was mary and she was 11. Oh by the way this was the 1870s census. Cinderella and william were married somewhere in the middle 1850s or early 1860s. I am unsure. The only thing that eludes to him being from the isle of man was that it said so on the census. This is all that I know so far. I am sorry that it is not more. Please let me know what you find out if anything. Thanks!

Shalah Gale