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There is something on this family in three files on World Connect but there seem to be two versions.
One gives Thomas Gawne's wife as Karen, the other gives her as Joaney Kneen with Thomas' brother Daniel marrying Margaret Kneen and being the father of the John Gawne mentioned on the Ohio list. This John Gawne it was thought was husband to Ann Sansbury and described in the list as being the cousin of Joaney Gawne (Thomas' daughter) who married William Tear.
Furthermore Daniel and Thomas are given as the sons of Daniel Gawne and Catherine Stephan/ Stevens m. 1739
Has any one investigated this and sorted it all out. Could ''Karen'' be a misreading of Kneen?
All I can say is that William Tear's parents were John Tear and Joney Moore and she was the sister of Ann,Catherine and Isabel Moore, daughters of Thomas Moore and Joney Radcliffe. Ann Moore's will of 1837 mentions her sister Joney's (Judy's) sons by name ''6.Sister Judy's sons William Teare, Philip Teare and Thomas Teare (now in America) two shillings and six pence each.''
[I am interested since both Catherine and Isabel Moore were grandmothers of Catherine Curphey who married Thomas Gawne of Andreas in 1845.]