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Re: Looking for Biological parent/ parents?

I am looking for my biological father. All I know is that he met my mother while he was in the Navy. My mother is Barbara Sue Scarbrough and was working for the phone company in Mobile Alabama during 1969-1970. Her roommate was Pat and it was her brother David (i have no last names) who is supposed to be my biological father. My name is Tiffany and I was born in Cleburne,Texas on August 13th, 1970. After 32 years of not knowing, i just recently found out about this. My mother refuses to give me any information on him but i would like to know. I have 2 small children and they deserve to know any other relatives they may have as well as myself. Please if you have any information on this contact me thru email or my phone number is 817-295-9554 .