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Looking for Biological parent/ parents?

This is the second message I am posting so I assume I hit the wrong key and the other one go lost.
I was addopted in 1970 and moved to South Africa in 1974, My parents names are Peter & Maureen Blackman.
I came over to the I.O.M approximitly 9 yrs ago to meet my Biological mother, I stayed for three months,her maden surname was Hickling,I was born Malcom Robert(Now Tim) she worked as a cleaner at the collage she had married her husbands name was John (Teddy) he was a painter and they have a son John who was a painter he drove a white Ford Fiesta at the time I was over there address was 1 GREEBA ROAD WILLASTON I.O.M. Teddy,s sister Maree has a daughter, Maree was dating and living with Charlie he was a builder and was from London.

When I left my biological mother never made contact with me again and i have accepted this, however i would love to speak to Teddy and Marre again, and find out about my Biological Father. And if she wants My Mother.

any details will be kept confidential and greatly appreciated come on the Island is so small someone must know someone.