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GARRETT & Associated Families

I would be grateful to hear from any ancestors of (or receive any information about) my GGGrandfather, William GARRETT and his family. He was probably from the North of the Island and married a woman called Ann (no other details on these two persons).

I do not know how many children they had but my GGrandfather was Edward James GARRETT, born 2 June 1881, at Ramsey, Isle of Man. He married Eleanor Ann HEWLEY on 17 September 1881 at Maughold, Isle of Man.

I know of SEVEN children of Edward and Eleanor. They are:

My Grandfather, Joseph GARRETT, born 23 February 1897 (IOM), d. 14 February 1947 married Edith Agnes HARRISON, born 28 August 1893 (Liverpool) at Lonan Church on 16 May 1925. They had a daughter (my mother), Agnes Mona, born 07 March 1926 (Laxey, IOM). Joseph lost his left arm during WWI and was a postman on the Glen Roy Route out of Laxey Post Office.

Annie GARRETT who apparently married someone by the name of COWLEY and had a son called Jimmy (no other details available).

Mary Ellen GARRETT (called Minnie) who married Freddy KERMODE. They had a daughter, Ann, who married Eric CALEY.

James GARRETT, who may have died about 1918.

Daniel GARRETT, who also lost an arm in WWI. He was married twice. He had a daughter, Gabrielle by his first marriage. His second wife was called Cissie and they may have lived in Liverpool area.

Edward GARRETT (junior), married and had two daughters. One called Edna believed married someone called WEIR. The other called Chrissie who married someone called BARWELL.

Arthur GARRETT, who was possibly married to someone called Agnes. They had two children, Olive Myra and Archie. Olive married Arthur METCALF and had a son called David. Archie, known as "Arty", had meningitis when a child but survived. He was "mentally" affected and resided for best part of life at Ballamona Hospital, Braddan. He never married and was quite often seen on the streets of Douglas and Union Mills, having had a drink or two.


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