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What a surprise, Becky. I've heard about Minays in England, USA, Israel, or even in rare places like Iran or Kurdistan. In fact, I'm chilean, from Santiago, Chile (please excuse me for my English). ┐Weird, uh? Well, actually is very difficult for me to find other Minays (┐are them relatives?) around the world, and here in this country there are only a few cases: most of them are near relatives of mine.

Where does the name come from? I'm not sure. I've read about versions telling that the source is in England, or Asia. Believe it or not, there are three towns or cities called Minay. One is located in a mountain zone, deep in Afghanistan; another is near the border between Ukraine and Romania, and the third is in Peru.

Who knows the thruth? I propose you to keep us in contact. Later I'll send you some internet adresses that may help you.

See you (in the web)

Sebastian Minay