Views of the Isle of Man by Daniel King

These views were used to illustrate James Chaloner's A Short Treatise of the Isle of Man which was published as a 30-page addendum to King's Vale-Royall of England. This was reprinted, with considerable notes, as Volune X of the Manx Society publications.
Chaloner was a Commisioner in Man on behalf of Lord Fairfax, and was Governor from 1657-1660.
Daniel King was a pupil of W.Hollar, the engravings are from a series of 16 monochrome wash drawings done between 1643-51. The drawings are in the British Museum though the Manx Museum displays a series of facsimiles. These drawings are important in providing valuable information on both the architectural and social aspects of 17th Century life.
The volume also contained the second printed map of the complete Island, a much reduced copy of Speeds 1605/1610 map it would appear to have a few additional details probably provided by Chaloner. At the margins of this map are a series of small views.

A Short Treatise of the Isle of Man

The copies of the propects etc are from my own copy of Vale Royall. The prospects are printed three to a sheet, each measuring 135 x 68 mm.

The Prospect of Balasaly Abby on the South West Side

Rushen Abbey (SW)

A view of the remains of Rushen Abbey.

The Prospect of the Nunry in ye Isle of Man on the East Side


A view of the remains of the Nunnery, Douglas.

The Prospect of Bishops Court in the Isle of Man on the East Side


Bishopscourt was, until the 1970s, the residence of the Bishop of Sodor and Man.

The Prospect of Castell Rushen in the Isle of Man on ye South side

Castle Rushen (SS)

Castle Rushen, Castletown

The Prospect of Peel Castell in ye Isle of Man on ye West side

Peel Castle

The Prospect of Peel Castle

The Prospect of Douglas in ye Isle of Man on the East side


The Prospect of Douglas

Eight small vignettes, four on each side of map

these are 28 x 45mm (hxw); below each strip are two panels - left hand with Legs of Man, right hand with arms of Fairfax, other text and scales as from Speed..

Castle Rushen (EWE) A Prospect of Castle Rushen from E.W.E The Prospect of the Ile of Man from the Calfe of Man. South
Castle Rushen (ENE) The Prospect of Castel Rushen from E.N.E. The Prospect of the Calfe of Man from the N.
St Michael's Island

St Michiels Island or Derbie Fort from S.W. by S

Title is wrong as viewed from Derbyhaven looking NW

Shows St Michael's Chapel and Derby Fort.

The Prospect of the Iland to the Calfe of man from S by E
Abbey Bridge

Ballasala Bridge from the S

The Crossag Bridge

The Prospect of that which is cald Chering Cross where the rare grotto is S by W.

Would appear to be the Sugarloaf.


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