Peel Castle and St Patrick's Isle

The background for this view by Daniel King is given in my introduction.


Peell Castle as it doth appeare from the east

Peel Castle, Daniel King, 1643

A The Hill yt is farr higher than the Castle. B The sea that comes round the Castle. When the tide is at the highest the greatest sships maie runne about it & come into the harbour and when ye tide is out maie goe drie to the Castle. C The Rocks. D The hill within the Castle. E The wall aboute the Castle. F The Cathedrall Church. G Two other Chappells. The rest are Lodgings. The Hills are the Landskipp of Wales and Ireland.

St Germain's Cathedral is shown as still roofed.

King also produced an engraving of St Patrick's Isle and the Cathedral for Stevens (Dugdale's) Monasticon

Cathedral Church

Cathedral Church


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