Aquatints of the Isle of Man
taken from
David Robertson's Tour

This classic was published in 1794 and included eight aquatints.
All are attributed to G.I.Parkyns (del & ex).
These are based work done by Moses Griffith and other artists who visited the Island in 1774 with Thomas Pennant (noted Welsh antiquary) and Cpt F. Grose author of Antiquities of England and Wales 1787.
The originals are in shades of brown - however as black and white images are clearer they have been reproduced as greyscale images.

Douglas Pier

Douglas Pier

A view of the Old Fort, the Old Pier, the greater part of which was washed away in 1786, and Douglas Head.

Rushen Abbey

Rushen Abbey

Abbey Bridge

Abbey Bridge

Castle Rushen
A much copied view of Castle Rushen; still recognizable today even after the late 19C and early 20C changes to the harbour

Castle Rushen


Tynwald Hill

Peele Castle

Peel Castle

St Patrick's Church

St Patricks Church

St Germains Cathedral

St German's Cathedral

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