Ashe's Views in the Isle of Man 1833

This collection of twelve views was published in three sets of 4 between 1833 and 1839. They were sketched by A.E.Watts, drawing master at King William's College, and put on stone (lithographed) by L.Hague. Louis Hague was a Belgian who together with William Day were responsible for many topographical lithographs in this period (see Five Lithographs in the Isle of Man).

Note that these are not the same as the set known as Ashe's Sketchbook which are lithographs of sketches done by Lady Amelia Murray.

First set was advertised dated 15 Oct 1833 to be sold by G. Jefferson



Shows the castellated new house on the site of the old Douglas Priory or Nunnery.

A similar view was also given in Five Lithographs in the Isle of Man)

[missing from my collection]

Tower of Refuge

Kirk Braddan

Kirk Braddan

Kirk Braddan churchyard, just outside Douglas, was the subject of numerous romantic views

The Oblisk is a memorial to Henry Murray - just in front can be seen one of the runic crosses.



For centuries the residence of the Bishop of Sodor and Man - Bishopscourt is in the parish of Michael

The second set dated August 1834 comprised:


Douglas from the South

King William's College

King William's College

This minor public school, named after King William IV, was opened in 1834 - Watts served as Drawing master for first few years.

Calf Lights

Calf of Man Lighthouses

The two lights were designed by Robert Stephenson and were arranged to be seen in line to indicate the dangerous Chickens rock.

Calf Lights from Sound

Calf of Man Lighthouses, from sound

The final set was published in Feb 1837

Ashe 1837 - Castletown from Scarlett

Castletown from Scarlett


  Peel Castle from the Pier
  Interior of St German's Cathedral
  Glen May Waterfall

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