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Four-coupled Radial Tank Locomotive No 11 "Maitland" Isle of Man Ry
Four-coupled Radial Tank Locomotive No 11 "Maitland" Isle of Man Ry.

IN our issue of December, 1902, pp. 201 and 202, we published an account of the Isle of Man Railway and its rolling stock. At that time the locomotive stock comprised nine four-coupled tank locomotives, all built by Messrs. Beyer, Peacock &: Co., Ltd. Since then the amalgamation of the Manx Northern line, from St. John's to Ramsey and to Foxdale, and the taking over of its rolling stock has added four engines. These are of no less than three classes, No. 1 " Ramsey " and No. 2 " Northern " being four-coupled outside cylinder tank engines with a leading pair of wheels, built by Messrs. Sharp, Stewart &- Co. at Manchester in 1879 ; No. 3 " Thornhill," identical with the Isle of Man Ry. engines described in our article and built by the same firm, Messrs. Bayer, Peacock & Co.; and No. 4 " Caledonia," built by Messrs. Dubs & Co., of Glasgow, similar in general appearance to Nos. 1 and 2, but with all six wheels coupled.
A service of express trains in addition to the special boat trains from Douglas to Ramsey, 26½ miles, to compete with the electric line along the east coast, has been in operation during the summer season for the past year or two, and to work the increased mileage two additional locomotives of increased dimensions have been recently constructed by Messrs. Beyer, Peacock & Co., Ltd. They are numbered and named respectively, 10 " G. H. Wood" and 11 " Maitland." These engines have boilers 3-ft. 3-in. in diameter and 7-ft. 8¼ n. long, as compared with 3-ft. diameter on the older engines, and work at 160 lb. pressure ; wheelbase: leading to driving 8ft., driving to trailing 6-ft. 6-in. ; length of fire-box 5-ft., 121 tubes of 1 5/8 in. diameter; heating surface: firebox 51.4 sq. ft., tubes 409 sq. ft., total 461 sq. ft., as against 391.98 sq. ft. ; capacity of tanks 480 gallons and of bunker about ½ ton ; weight in working order 20 tons 10 cwt. 2 qrs. Other dimensions are as in our previous article.

We are indebted to the builders, Messrs. Beyer, Peacock & Co., Ltd., for the photo.

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