Manx Electric Railway

Route Schematic - Snaefell Mountain tramway

Sulby Glen Tea Rooms

Entrance to Tholt-y-Will

Summit of Snaefell
Snaefell Terminus
Electric Car Ascending Snaefell
Ascending Snaefell


Laxey Station
Route Schematic

The background to the creation and financial background of the Manx Electric Railway and the associated Snaefell Mountain Tramway are covered elsewhere - at present this is just a holding page.

The original terminus station at Laxey was on the mine-side of the New Road near Dumbell's Row ('Ham and Egg Terrace') lasting for the first season until following the construction of the four arch viaduct, a new joint station was constructed across the New Road on land adjacent to the Laxey Church - a poor and doctored photo from an presumeably 1895 season Leporello album shows this

Original terminus station at Laxey for Mountain Railway
Original terminus station at Laxey for Mountain Railway


Note that several books cover all Tramways - MER, Snaefell, Cable Car, Marine Drive and Horse Trams; see under MER

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