Peel Abbeyland Rents - Comptus 1540-1541

Transcribed and translated (origin in Latin) from Manx Museum MS488C where headed

Russhing nup Monastiu - infra Insul de Man - taken by Robert Calcott and dating from Feast of St Michael Archangel in year of reign of King Henry, by grace of God King of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith and on earth supreme Head of English and Irish Church from 32nd to 33rd year. (ie 29 Sept 1540 to 29 Sep 1541.

Only the section marked 'Firm Cotagion in Holmetowne in Glenfaba' (Rent of Cottages in Holmtown in Glenfaba)

Richardo Ithell 20d
Uxor Petri Brwell 4d
Johnn Haworthe 15d
Willmo Norias 14d
Robto Hayle 2d
Robto Hunter 12d
Robto Crayn 4d
Johne Hutchon 2d
Maryanus hynelye ? 2d
Willmo Ascogh 14d
Willmo Kerret 4d
Robto Slayne 7d
Johe Bolland 4d
Constabilars 8d
Cristina Ine Cayne 22d
Rogero Thompson 4d
Hugone Prescote 5d
Rogero Dawson 19d
Thoma Hollas 3d
Recept de la Pale 16d
Hugone Prker 2s in toto ut supra



see Manx Soc 15 chap IV

Peel Property Records

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