Castle Street

Castle Street, Peel

Looking South, rear entrance to Old Courthouse underneath street lamp, beyond are three restored 18th century merchants houses with extensive cellars underneath (only two visible in photo) .

The 3-storey building, 29 Castle Street, (on the righthand side of street) was at one time the Royal Oak public house, and later 'Dale Home' until closure in 1962. It was possibly at one time the town house of the Bishop. Said to have been divided into 2 houses in 1777 (one becoming the Royal Oak).

On Corris's plan of Peel, 1784, the 2-storey house,31 Castle Street, is shown as the Latin School (i.e. the Grammar School). This would thus be the house which in 1770 was described as "the house and concerns this day purchased from Philip Moore, junior, should be repaired and made commodious for the schoolmaster". It is also described as Mrs Salmon's house, was owned by the widow of Henry Graves who remarried Joseph Salmon.

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