Formation of New High Road leading out of Peel.

This was found in 1760 copy of 1704 Composition Book.


To the Honourable Basil Cochrane Esqr Governor of the Island.

The Honourable representation of George Moore and Thos Radcliffe, two of the committee appointed for putting the high road into execution between the towns of Peel and Douglas.

Sheweth that for the more speedy and convenient execution of that said work the committee by the approbation of the legislatiure made partitions of the said road and each party took the management care and direction of such part thereof as a lay near most conspicuous to themselves. Whereupon such part of the sd road between Peel and Kneeb was appropriated to them, the said George Moore and Thomas Ratcliffe who found themselves necessitated to cut thro: the lands of John Quayle cooper, James Clark, Thomas Costean, John Callister, the Revd William Mylrea, John Gill, John Quayle comptrolor, Robert Clark William Clucas and William White

That there have been formally two old roads passing thro: or adjoining the said several persons’ lands leading to Peel aforesaid but one of these hath been disused for many years and in many places stopped up and both the said roads are very narrow and scarce adequate for the damages done by the said High Road which now serves all purposes as heresaid. Most of the said parties have agreed to accept the said two old roads in satisfaction for the said damages in case they shall have your Honour’s Grant and Authority to enclose the said two roads and add them to their several fields and have a legal title guaranteed to them thereof which we do humbly represent and will recommend to your Honours consideration and pray your Honour’s direction and order herein.

George Moore
Thomas Radcliffe.


Upon consideration of the within written representation I do approve of the agreement therein mentioned and I do hereby authorise appoint, impower and order that the within named George Moore and Thomas Radcliffe do view the within mentioned roads and treat with the several proprietors of lands through which the new road passes, and to such persons as shall consenting agree with them to allot such parts of the said old roads as shall adjoin his several and respective fields. And such persons may lawfully enclose and shall for ever thereafter peaceably and quietly have hold and occupy possess and enjoy the said old roads in lieu and as satisfaction for the said new roads in as full and acceptable manner to all intents and purposes as they have held and enjoyed the said new roads before the passing of the withinn mentioned act-. And for the more effectual establishment of their several and respective titles in and to the said premises I do hereby order and direct this representation and order to be put upon record there to remain as th assurance of their several respective titles

Gven at Castle Rushen this 2nd April, 1757

Basil Cochrane.

We whose names are subscribed do consent and agree to the before going representation and order and do accept the seite of the old roads adjoining to, in full compensation for the roads passing thro’ our respective lands at the allotting of the before mentioned Messrs George Moore and Thomas Radcliffe. As witness our subscriptions this 2nd of April 1757.

John Quayle
Wm Mylrea
John Callister
John Gell.



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