The last of the major dancehalls to be formed after the Marina, Falcon Cliff and Derby Castle.

The Palace complex, including an enormous ballroom, was opened in 1887, the ballroom roof was damaged by fire in 1902 and was rebuilt; it burned down again in 1920 and was again rebuilt. The Palace Colliseum theatre, capable of seating 3500 and connected to the dancehall by a bridge, was opened in 1913 by Vesta Tilley.

Flyer for Palace (Click for larger image)

Palace, c.1905

Photograph dates from c.1895 - the various posters advertise the last week of cake-walk demonstrations.

The Palace Colliseum and entrance were demolished in 1965 to make room for the architecturally uninspired Palace Hotel and Casino (the first licenced casino in the British Isles).

The Palace ballroom claimed to be one of (if not) the largest in Europe with its parquet floor.
Demolished in 1994 to make room for an extension to the Casino.

Interior of Palace Dance Hall. 1905

The Palace Opera House is all that is left of the complex - now serving as the last remaining cinema in Douglas.

Palace Ballroom 
The ballroom photo with its obvious painted in figures might well reflect what the proprietors wished it be be - however judging from the strictures of the Rev Thomas Rippon in 1894 its early days saw painted women of a different ilk.


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