List of Persons applying for Licence in Douglas, 14 Oct 1789

Taken from Licence Applications bundles within Castle Rushen Papers, Manx Museum MM 9782 CR . An annual list of such applications would be prepared though not all have survived - this one is particularly informative as it gives the occupation of the applicant as well as indicating those who have applied for the first time. Several of the licencees would have been shopkeepers who held a retail licence - note that no indication is given of the location of the premises other that 4, un-numbered, are in Onchan.

Note entries were numbered in original, though 2 were misplaced and have been restored to intended sequence – 4 marked ‘in Conchan’ were not numbered

Only 8 were indicated as Innkeepers – presumably these were the major lodging establishments – others were smaller pubs, ale houses and retail outlets. My comments are indicated in [].

1 Thos Whitham Chief constable, first time [Chief constable = sergeant of town police]
2 Thomas Kelly Cooper
3 Catherine Cowle Spinster
4 Isabella Lawson Widow
5 Catherine Quayle Widow
6 Daniel Cannel Carpenter
7 William Kneen Hatter
8 Robert Lewn Butcher
9 Thomas Hampton Mariner
10 William Callister Labourer
11 James Affleck Innkeeper
  Peter Lithgow (crossed thru)
12 Elizabeth Bridson widow
13 Paul Corran Shoemaker
? Thomas Quirk Mariner
14 Charles Moore Smith
15 James Corlet Mariner
16 George Wilson Innkeeper
17 Charles Norris Mariner
18 Robt Moore junr Shopkeeper
19 William Fargher Taylor
20 Henry Fargher Mariner
21 Joseph Shaw Innkeeper [? Black Bull, Duke st]
22 Alexander Bane Shopkeeper
23 Peter Callow Taylor
24 Richard Quirk weaver
25 John Harvey Innkeeper (1st time)
26 James Woods Mariner
27 John Dinwiddie Nailer (1st time)
L Christopher Lewn Labourer (1st time)
28 Elinor Teare widow
29 Phil Stephen Smith [not sure as 1st name inserted and ? Cain crossed thru]
30 John Kissack mariner
  George Oates Yeoman (in Conchan)
  William Quilleash Butcher (in Conchan) (1st time)
31 Thomas Cowley Mariner
32 Samuel Harris Taylor
33 Matthias Banckes Yeoman
34 Thos Watterson Labourer
35 John Quay Smith (1st time)
36 John Kelly Carpenter
37 John Mylechreest Carpenter
38 John Christian Carpenter (1st time)
39 James Mylechreest Ship-carpenter
40 Thos Woods Smith
41 Edwd Christian Weaver
42 Danl Cannell Shoemaker
43 Willm Walker Portman ?
44 Coultry Cannell Cooper [mentioned in Feltham]
45 Christian Quirk widow
46 Mary Hughes widow
47 Christian Kavanagh widow
48 John Armstrong Innkeeper
49 Peter Corkill Shoemaker
50 Samuel Perry Mariner
51 John Corlet Mason
52 Mary Kelly widow
53 Thos Cannel shoemaker
54 Philip Garret weaver
55 Peter Cubbon Mariner
56 Thos Cowley Taylor
57 Thos Curphey Fisherman
58 Thomas Quayle Miller (formerly not of late licensed)
59 James Kewley Shoemaker
60 Thomas Hannah (Woods crossed thru as is Smith)
61 Ross Redfern Butcher
62 Lewis Morrison Stocking weaver
63 Alice Christian widow
64 Willm Christian shoemaker
65 John Stevens Sadler
66 David Gelling Shoemaker
67 Robert Quiggin Mason
68 John Clague Innkeeper
69 George Callow Smith
70 Thomas Cannel Yeoman
71 John Cowle Weaver (1st time in Douglas)
72 Saml Quine Cooper (did not pay for his license last time)
73 William Moore Mariner (1st time)
  Edwd Christian Yeoman (in Conchan)
74 Margaret Killey widow
75 Catharine Brew widow
76 Ely Shaw Innkeeper
77 Robert Twentyman Innkeeper (? White Lion )
78 William Looney Taylor
79 Peter Curphy Carpenter
80 Peter Ludden Gardener
81 William Corlet Labourer
  Stephen Lewn (in Conchan)
82 Peter Thorpe Mariner

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