Jubilee Clock


1887 Jubliee Clock

Donated by G.W. Dumbell in 1887 as a commemoration of the the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria's reign. Situated at the foot of the new Victoria Street where it comes out onto the then new Loch Promenade.

Manufactured by Walter Macfarlane & Co. at the Saracen Works, Glasgow. There is one other known clock using the same castings, the Hastings Clock erected at Rotherham in 1912.

As can be seen from the c.1900 photo it originally had a horse trough and, hidden by one of those standing at the base, a drinking fountain above which is a plaque of Queen Victoria.

The 8-day clock mechanism used a weight descending in the column - originally the four clock faces were lit by small gas jets. Both mechanisms now electrified



[P. Kelly] Front Cover [Editorial on Jubilee Clock] IoM Vic Soc Newsletter 50 May 1998

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