Harris Promenade

The first of the Promenades to be built - stretched from the Sefton Hotel along the Villa Marina wall to a little before the Iron Pier at the foot of Broadway

extract from OS plan XIII.8 17  showing

Colonel's oad + Harris Prom c.1870

The photo probably dated early 1870's and would appear to be taken from the Iron Pier that was at the foot of Broadway. The plan taken from a 1:500 sheet XIII.8 17 surveyed in 1864 shows the original buildings - the wall at the right is that of the Villa Marina (indicated as a hotel on the Plan but soon to be occupied by H B Noble) - the entrance lodge and gateway survived into early 20th C as the entrance into a photographer's studio before development of the Villa marina arcade

The Sefton Hotel would be built on the site of Marina Lodge - Marina House is also commemorated in the name of Church Road Marina (shown as Church Road on the plan) on the north side of St Thomas.

The road running northeast from the west end of St Thomas's was the main drive into Villa Marina - to the west was the steep scarp at the top of which was Windsor Terrace.

The road alongside the Villa Marina wall was known as the Colonel's road as it and the Villa were built for Col Robert Steuart, son of the architect George Steuart.

The Baths opposite St Thomas's walk were those of Henry Wallace in 'Castle Mona road' in 1863 - this road now Castle Street joins the north end of Strand Street to Church road and the Prom.

The area south of St Thomas's would soon be developed by providing a link from the top of Chester street into Church Road where the St Thomas's parsonage stood.

By the late 1890's the Marina House and Marina Lodge sites had been developed with the building of the Sefton Hotel and Gaiety Thetre

Start of Harris Promenade - looking North
Start of Harris Promenade - looking North
Harris Promenade - looking North
Looking North (c.1901)


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