Parade, Barracks

Castletown Parade (Barracks)

The old George Hotel converted into a barracks for the small contingent of British Army troops stationed here.

Detail from Woods plan of 1834
Detail from Woods plan of 1833

The detail from Woods plan of 1833 shows the barracks in relationship to the new George Hotel and the market place - the Brewery was replaced by the Union hotel. The enclosed part of the field was possibly used as a drill ground as there was no calvalry stationed on the Island

Mr Downes died, at the age of 76, in October 1820 and was said to have been landlord of the George 'for upwards of forty years' so it must have been in existence from at least c. 1780. After his death the old building was pulled down, and replaced by a new one, designed by Thomas Brine; which opened in July 1821. This was sold in 1830's to form the barracks, later after the Barracks closed in the late 1890's it was the Commisioners Offices and is now Mannanan House -office buildings for Shell Exploration.

Built on the site of the Old Governor's house illustrated by Daniel King c.1650.

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