Photographs of the Isle of Man by W. & Co.

These images were kindly given me - the photographs date from around 1895-1898 and are identified by a company name W & Co together with a number and title on each written onto each approximately A5 image. Many photographs at this period were sold for the buyer to paste into a souvenir album - they would be superseded by the coloured postcard within a few years. The identification of the enigmatic W & Co is still to be determined.

Apart from one, each image is numbered and appear to be drawn from two sets - I believe the photos date around 1895-1898 as discussed in the notes against each

Douglas General View

1782 - Douglas [Bay from Head]

Shows in foreground the road to Douglas Head, then the Red Pier with the one-time Imperial Hotel (by this period converted to be offices for IoMSPCo) at its foot, then the Victoria Pier and in middle distance the Tower of Refuge.

Foreground can be seen a small gypsy encampment - these were a bane of the Douglas Council at this period

Victoria Pier Douglas

1788 - Victoria Pier Douglas

A common view of Victoria Pier taken from the roof of the Victoria Sea terminal - unusually quiet as most photographs attempted to show the crowded scene on arrival of a steamer with the numerous hobblers (porters) in their white jackets touting for custom.

The vessel belching black smoke is the 'Rose' one of the cross harbour ferries - these started c.1898 thus proving an earliest date for the photo. The rails for horse tram extension onto the Pier of 1902 are absent.

Douglas Head Lighthouse

1789 - Douglas Head Lighthouse

Another favorite view - this shows the then newly constructed second light of 1892 but without the 1908 foghorn that was to occupy the ledge left foreground

Douglas Head and Hotel

1806 - Douglas Head and Hotel

Douglas Head was developed as a tourist attraction from the 1870's and especially from the mid 1890's when taken in charge by Douglas Council. The tent midground right is one of the minstrel shows, probably Dare's, that were a feature here for many years.

Douglas Kirk Braddan

1808 - Kirk Braddan Church

Kirk Braddan and its graveyard was a magnet for photographers - in this photograph the graveyard looks reasonably well kept- the appointment of a sexton as required by the 1881 Act probably helped (compare with an earlier photo from c. 1880.

open air service

Many of the grave stones were damaged by the use of the yard for popular open air services which became very popular.

Derby Castle (Strathallen Lodge)

1809 - Douglas Derby Castle and Strathallan Hill

The name Strathallan is associated with the Atholl family - James Drummond, husband of Amelia Sophia, daughter of the Duke of Athol, was created Lord Strathallan in 1824, the Duke had developed this part of Douglas Bay to provide houses for summer visitors.

An unusual view showing Derby Castle and Manx Electric Railway terminus in the background.

Loch]Promenade Douglas

2438 - Lock [sic Loch] Promenade Douglas

Probably the classic shot of Douglas Bay seafront showing the 1887 clock at the head of Victoria street. The Villiers hotel that started the sweep of the boarding houses around the bay was demolished a few years ago and replaced with a modern building completely wrecking the unity of the arc. The building that stands out from the rest is the Loch Promenade Primitive Methodist Church. The horse trams that ran from here to Derby Castle can also be seen. Other photos of the same period often show the cable car that started from here.

Harris Promenade, Douglas

2439 - Harris Promenade, Douglas

Harris Promenade (named after Samuel Harris) continued Loch Promenade on the south around the middle of the bay; the wall left foreground is that of Villa Marina with the new Central Hotel on one corner of Broadway dominating the centre ground. The large dance hall attached to Falcon Cliff is visble - this was removed c. 1896.

Harris Promenade, Douglas

2440 - Harris Promenade, Douglas

This is the northern section of Harris Promenade before it merges into Queens Promenade which terminates at Derby Castle.

Tower of Refuge, Douglas

2443 - Tower of Refuge, Douglas

Another classic view of a Douglas' landmark'.

Douglas [North Quay]

2446 - Douglas [North Quay]

Taken near the Bridge end of the inner harbour - the building far left is one side of Quine's corner


Cloven Stones

Onchan, near Douglas

This is the classic view of the Butts showing Onchan parish church and church yard within the bend of the road. The small house seen left foreground was thatched until a short time before the estimated date of the photo of c. 1898.

(the number on the photo is no longer visible)



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