[From 128 Views, c.1907]


This book of 128 photographic views is undated but by using a derived database giving the dates of Valentine's photographs it is possible to add a date to many. Unfortuneately many photographs had their reference number obscurred or cropped, but many can be found used on postcards. Other internal evidence can be used to delimit the dates at which the photograph could have been taken.

Although no section headings were used, photographs were grouped as can be seen by my chapter headings, though there were a couple of 'fill in' sections where possibly the size of the photograph did not fit in on its 'proper' page. Postcards have an approximate 3:2 format but many of the views are square, thus in some cases a postcard view was cropped.

The book contained no text other than the captions - I have added descriptive text in many places, though keeping the the same order as they appeared in the book. All photographs have been reduced to a common thumbnail size but in the original they ranged from 225 x 170mm full page (landscape format), through half, quarter and one-sixth page formats. For those with the CD_ROM each image clicks through to a larger image.


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