Glen Wyllin

Glen Wyllin
Looking up the glen

Looking down towards the beach - the path led down from Kirk Michael station.


Mill Dale - the lower section was once known as known as Bordall or Borodal and was the presumed site of Borgdal Mill. The 1868 O/S map (pre Railway and viaduct) shows the corn mill at the end, as well as the large flat area ideal for tennis courts etc.

1868 plan of Glen Wyllin

It was a very popular destination for Sunday School outings - helped no doubt by it Methodist developer who did not serve alcohol.

The corn mill at the end of the glen, shown below in the detail from a sketch by Joseph Coleman in the late 19th Century, was washed away in the 1950's

Glen Wyllin Mill c. 1890 Joseph Coleman © Dave Wilson
Glen Wyllin Mill c. 1890 Joseph Coleman (© Dave Wilson)

Coleman picture courtesy of Dave Wilson.




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