Dhoon Glen

Main attraction are the waterfalls - T.E.Brown immortalised them in verse.

Dhoon Glen c.1855
Dhoon Glen and Waterfall (Philip's c.1875)

Jenkinson in 1874 had following to say:

If the tourist have time he ought to take this opportunity of visiting the Dhoon Waterfalls. They are undoubtedly the largest and most beautiful cascades on the island, but hitherto they have been very little known, and not noticed in any guide-book ; in fact, hardly a dozen people seem to be aware of their existence. They are deeply recessed in a romantic and well-wooded glen, and are not more than 1 mile from the Ramsey road and the same distance from the sea. The tourist may visit them from Laxey either by carriage or boat. During the excursion by sea there are passed some imposing cliffs presenting rugged rocks and sea-worn caves.

The Manx Electric Railway opened a station, with associated hotel, to give easy access.

Entrance to Dhoon Glen (c.1910)

There is an intriguing 1895 photograph in Beecham's Isle of Man of a wooden walkway over a stream bed

Dhoon Glen




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