Bishopscourt Glen

Bishop's Court Glen
Bishop's Court Glen

Runs eastward along the bank of the stream that acts as the parish boundary between Michael and Ballaugh opposite Bishop's Court

One of the reported attractions were the epitaths to household pets by Bishop Hill:

" Beneath this spot of earth, in cairn repose,
Rests what was mortal of my poor dog Rose;
To tell her faithfulness my pen would fail,
So like a true Manx dog she lies without a tale."

" After years of good service, to nature a debtor,
Poor Mona exchanged this sad world for a better;
And here we remark, without wishing to flatter,
She hadn’t her equal as or ratter;
That to keep her in mind, her disconsolate owner
Thus tries in the future himself to be-moan-her."

" Two cygnets from Hertford, a son and a daughter,
Were sent by the Bishop to furnish the water;
Alas! one cold winter they suddenly perished,
Although with episcopal care they were cherished.
The case of their death, as the inquest asserts,
Was perplexing ; it may have been.—coming from Herts."





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