Board of Advertising Guides + Handbooks

The background to the Board of Advertising is given elsewhere - from 1896 they issued an annual guide/handbook - pre WW1 this contain a list of places offering accomodation, post WW1 to WW2 it contained many pages of small adverts by individual establishments. As printing became cheaper more illustrations appeared - colour photos was used from early 1950s onwards.

The text (and some illustrations) of a selected number of guides is given here to indicate how the Island was 'sold'. The lists of accomodation from the early guides are available on CD_Rom


second year of issue


Possibly the most attractive cover of the pre WW1 books.


format altered to landscape - eases presentation of tabulated lists of accomodation - compare with 1906 IoMSPCo guide


An attractive period cover

1924 - advertising booklet

1934(40th year of publication)

a rather bland cover - compare with the modernist LMS publicity guide of 1930;

Cover 1940 Official Guide

1940 (46th year of publication)

a sombre cover - no individual adverts - possibly produced in hope that the war would be over in 1940 and that visitors would return

1947 (47th year of publication)

First post WW2 issue - the tourists were beginning to return and a few good years were about to start before the gradual loss of the Island's working class mass tourism to cheap flights to Spain etc




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