142 Artistic Views of The Isle of Man.

This was a late published book of views, mostly drawn I think from photographs by E.T.W.Dennis and 'only available from The Star Bazaar, Victoria Pier Buildings' - not dated but contains photos from the 1936 TT races. Other photos date back to pre 1900 - it comprised a map, 5 pages of guide and some 30 unnumbered pages of illustrations ranging from 1 to 8 per page in a landscape format.

I have selected some for use in illustrating various topics - there was no additional information other than the title against the photos - gathered here for easy reference, all notes are my own.

Douglas Harbour showing King Edward's Pier

Douglas Harbour showing King Edward's Pier

Shows in foreground the new King Edward's Pier extending the old Red Pier (the extension required the demolition of the attractive old lighthouse) with the one-time Imperial Hotel long since converted to be offices for IoMSPCo, at its foot and the viaduct across Circus beach in the gap between the Red and Victoria Piers. The Victoria Sea terminal with its distinctive clock tower is visible - in front of which is the large Peveril Hotel

The sweep of Loch Promenade with its large boarding houses can be seen to the right.

Douglas Harbour

Douglas Harbour

Viewed from the seaward end of the King Edward Pier though would appear to considerably predate the actual extension of the old Red Pier - the swing bridge with its control tower can be seen behand the paddle steamer moored at the Double Corner - at the end of the pier can be seen the old Imperial Hotel.

Douglas Head Ferry - Rose

Douglas Head Ferry

Viewed from the Battery Pier (landing place for Douglas Head) - these small vessels were a popu;lar way of crossing the habour to reach Douglas Head

Victoria Street, Douglas

Victoria Street, Douglas

I think this photo dates c. 1910 based on the clothes worn - the cable car that ran to upper Douglas was removed 1929.

This shows the Jubilee Clock at the foot and the now demolished Villiers Hotel starting the sweep of hotels and boarding houses along Loch Promenade.

On the left is the Grand Hotel and Theatre.

Douglas - House of Keys

House of Keys

This photo too I think much predates the 1937 publication - judging from the lack of telephone wires I suspect this dates c.1895 - the 'wedding cake' legislative building is to the right - the actual Tynwald chamber is in the building to its left.


This view would appear to date pre 1900 - taken from Peel Hill

Peel Shore Road

Probably a view from the early 1930's

Interior of Cathedral Peel Castle

Ramsey Harbour

Ramsey Market Place

Appears to be an early morning view before the market stalls have been set up.



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